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TEMPERATURE PROBES:Some offices have very sensitive areas whose temperature needs to be monitored. A temperature probe can be provided for $15 per month. Once installed, you will be notified if the temperature exceeds a limit that you set!

BANDWIDTH:Tired of being asked to sign away your first born with the big boy network carriers? Let us provide for your Bandwidth needs with our simple one page contract. It’s simple and easy! Just as it should be. Costs start at $69 per mbps.

IN-OFFICE SAFE:Does your office contain sensitive materials that you want to secure on a nightly basis? Sign up for our in-office safe upgrade. The cost is only $15.00 per month for the first 24 months!

ON LINE RESERVATION SYSTEMNeed a conference room? Need a presentation room? Need a deposition room? Need it for an hour, a day or a week? Just go on line and reserve one of our 28 conference rooms!!

We love nothing more than expanding our relationships from one city to another. The discount that we can provide depends on the amount of space that you need and the commitment that you can make, so by all means, ask your Account Executive!

EXTERIOR SIGNAGE PROGRAMOur Exterior Signage Program is a great way to get your name out in front of your clients all day, every day.  The program only pertains to certain buildings in our Portfolio and to qualify your total monthly rent must meet or exceed $2,000.00 per month and your company must have a lease term of one year or greater.

LOYALTY PROGRAMIt's not a slogan and it's not a marketing program. Our Clients are loyal to us and we are loyal to our Clients.  Our Loyalty Program provides for a rent credit for temporarily unused space, the give back of permanently unused space and the expansion of Clients that need more space. It's just that Simple.

CASH FLOW ASSISTANCESome months are better than others. When you've been around for as long as we have been, rest assured, we get it. No worries, ask your Account Executive for a 12 pay plan and get back to business!!

EXPANSION BONUSWhen a client of this company that holds their office in The Club Level, Superior Office Suites, Creative Minds Studios, The Lofts or Penthouse Suites doubles their contracted monthly rent through expansion, E.V. Bishoff Company will deliver to that client a Rent Credit Reward* in the amount of ten percent of all previous rent paid over the previous 24 months. Now that's what I'm talking about!

FURNITURE DEPOTNeed some furniture? Ask to see what we have in our Furniture Depot.

AFTER HOURS MAINTENANCE REQUESTS:The E.V. Bishoff Company knows that your maintenance needs aren’t necessarily confined to business hours. Call our Control Center 24/7, that’s what it’s there for!

LAYOUT AND DESIGN SERVICES:Don’t have time to fuss with floor plans? Don’t sweat it. This is what we do, all day, every day! Work with one of our Account Executives and let them provide to you a floor plan to review and modify as you see fit. Once the floor planning is complete, off we go! It’s that simple!

STORAGEStorage can be provided for files and or furniture. Storage starts at a mere $50.00 per month.

MOVE MANAGEMENT:Want to move, but just don’t have the time to mess with it. Let us help with the move management details!

COPYING SERVICES:Don’t want to purchase a copier or sometimes have more then you can handle? Open an account with E.V. Bishoff Company and you can then provide documents to be copied either by email or by dropping them off to our Office Manager. Cost is 5 cents/copy and will be billed to you monthly.

Columbus & Cleveland
$.05 per copy (no free copies)

$.09 per copy in excess of 50


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